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Manufacturing the best seeders in the business is not all we do. Like you, we run our own agricultural operation. Maybe this is why our seeders are so good - we know what farmers want and need!
About Us

In 1983, Steve Berry designed the prototype of what would eventually become the Berry Precision Seeder. Basically it was a plexiglas box with holes drilled in it for seeding cabbage. A vacuum was used to hold the seeds in place. When the vacuum was switched off the seeds were deposited into each cell of the plug trays. Although the seeder worked well, Steve began looking for ways to improve the seeder. For improved durability and ease of fabrication he decided on polycarbonite, a major component in bullet proof windows, for the seeder body. Aluminum was chosen for the seeder plates due to their ease of drilling and formation of desired shape. Careful adjustments were made to allow for accurate control of air flow and vacuum level. A valve was employed to allow manipulation without vacuum hose interference.

Steve showed his improved seeder to a local greenhouse distributors who promptly placed an order for several seeders. Careful research had already uncovered a demand for such a product and revealed a void in the marketplace. Working trade shows across the country allowed Steve the opportunity to meet people and demonstrate his seeder. Orders increased and Berry Seeder Company was born.

Now, Steve had to learn to fabricate the seeders quickly while maintaining quality, advertise and market the seeders, set up a distribution network, find suppliers, package and ship the seeders and, hopefully, make a profit in the process. As Steve puts it, "I figured even if it failed I'd still have some cool tools and machines for my shop." Slowly the seeders began to sell. It wasn't long before it became obvious that more automation was needed to keep up with demand. So in 1988, Berry Seeder Company went high-tech with the purchase of a Computer Numerical Control milling machine. Within a year, orders began to increase and another CNC milling machine was purchased. Soon, both machines were staying busy. Now, after 30 years in business, Berry Seeder Company is recognized worldwide as the #1 name in affordable seeding equipment for farmers, greenhouse operators, bedding plant growers, vegetable growers and tobacco growers.

Over the years other seeders were developed that were more automated for high volume operations. The Rotary Drum Seeder is still the standard for tobacco production for the United States and other countries.