Q:  What size plate comes included with the Berry Precision Seeder?

A:  A D-72 plate is standard with the Precision Seeder. If you require a different size we will credit you $75 toward the purchase of another plate (10-20 format only).

Q: Can I buy directly through you or do I need to go through a distributor?

A:  Yes, you can buy our seeders directly from us.

Q:  Do you buy or sell used seeders?

A:  No.

Q:  My Berry Rotary Drum Seeder needs a new part. Can I get it from you?

A:  Yes, we sell replacement parts for all of our seeders.

Q:  Are your products made in the USA?

A:  Yes. Our seeders are built in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Q:  What are the advantages of a Berry Precision Dibbler?

A:  Some people prefer to hand dibble which is very time consuming. A dibble board can accelerate the process dramatically. Still, it's a matter of preference. (See brochure)

Q:  I lost the operating instructions for my seeder. Are operating instructions availble?

A:  Visit our "products" page to download a new set of instructions located at the bottom of the page.

Q:  Can you build a custom plate for me?

A:  In most circumstances we can; Call or email us the details.

Q:  I need to have my Berry Precision Seeder repaired. Can you do that?

A:  Because of potential problems with the assembly we suggest buying a complete seeder.

Q:  I would like to order a Berry Precision Seeder. What information do you need?

A:   To ensure that you receive the right plate we need to know the cell count and manufacturer of your trays and what you will be seeding.

Q:  Do you ship outside of the USA?

A:  We ship to most countries.

Q: I want to switch my 288 drum seeder to a 338. Can I do that?

A:  Yes you can but we don't recommend it unless the change will be permanent.

Q: I want to seed tobacco with my Berry Precision Seeder. What size plate do I need?

A:  The Berry Precision Seeder requires an A plate for tobacco.

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